We have a good organized approach towards 3 main pricing business model.

If the client has no preference of any model then the model to be used is recommended by our pre-sales team after a 360′ analysis and inspection of the strategy.

Fixed Price Model (FPM)

The fixed price model is perfect for small and medium scope projects, where requirements, specifications and schedules can be clearly defined before the start of the project development. Fixed price model is also known as lump sum model.

Time and Material Model (T&M)

This model is best suited for projects where the scope is not clearly defined and requirements keep changing dynamically during the development, mid stage or implementation process. If on the first stages project is still raw and there is no sufficient data to properly estimate the final cost or client wants more direct control over the process, this model provides flexibility to define and change project specifications at any stage of its implementation.

Hire Dedicated Model

This is the ideal model for web development, existing overseas web development houses. In this model, Techforce provides resources to work dedicatedly on your project or be the part of your development team or to establish your offshore development centre.