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We, at TechForce Infotech, write quality, bug-free code. Simplicity and reusability are followed in each of our project. We speak in jargon-free langauge. Maybe you want to balance the load of resources, maybe you finding problems with point-in time recovery, may you want to monitor databases & clusters, or may it be a single feature addition, we accept any size project.

Migrate Non-Java App To Java

Migrating platform is NOT uncommon. In 2010s, many had migrated from FoxPro other DBs, for features lacking. Everything will be same now Java under-the-hood.

Bring Legacy Applications to Mobile

J2ME is micro version of Java Enterprise Edition. When you want to allow employees to work right from their mobiles, this type of migration is useful, call for pricing.

Migrate PostgreSQL to Cloud

If you're maintaining mission critical software app, special attention is required towards databases. Facilitate PostgreSQL operations with HA & load balancing

Migrate Web/Mobile App to IPV6

Since time, Ipv4 has become obsolete. System architects need extra care, otherwise application can break. Our team will take you out of network layer while migrating

Application Server Migration

If your web or mobile application is using IIS, Tomcat or other HTTP server, at times you'll find it misses important functinalities. Migrate to WildFly, WebLogic etc.

Migration Consulting

Not sure what to do? Come to us, we'll identify potential issues that may or may not require migration. It can save lot of money if bottlenecks don't need major changes