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We provide Testing Services
In order to have client satisfaction, we always make a set of challenges and unique requirements to delivery of any product/service bug free and for that we principally focus on areas of QA and test management and we assure the quality of an product/service. Software testers does not make software they only make them better.

Functional Testing

Release a new version of software confidently. Get striking recommendations provided by our software testers. Detailed coverage of ad-hoc & edge cases to check your system from inside-out.

Regression Testing

Adopt a systematic, risk-free approach. Our team of application testers thoroughly verifies whether intended functionality works 360 degree or not. Catch bugs sooner before they become headache.

Mobile Testing

5-star, user-liked Android/iOS/Cross-platform application that has zero errors. We check each screen & each feature using simulators & devices. Also, verify its display for visually impaired people.

User Acceptance Testing(UAT)

User feedback is at the heart for the success of any software. Incorporate what end-users want in a developed piece of software, and improve results. Justify the accuracy level needed.

System Integration Testing

When we connect two systems, for example, Civi CRM & WordPress, a big number of data points are exchanged between them, & are expected to display properly on website . Call us to verify any missing points when you attach business system with 3rd party API.

UI/UX Testing

It is cross-browser testing, it is semantic code testing, it is about W3C validation checking & more. Often, user psychology matters & website with captivating user experience gets lucrative profit. Ask us to test your web store to turn it from loss.