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Security Services

Techforce Infotech is concerned about security parameters. Necessary and mandatory steps that should be taken for security concerns are carried at Techforce Infotech.
Both Hardware and Software security is taken care off by well expert Network/Server Administrators.

What do you mean by Penetration Testing ?
A penetration test is an attack on a computer system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit with the intention of finding security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to it, its functionality and data.

What do you mean by Vulnerability ?
In computer security, a vulnerability is a weakness which allows an attacker to reduce a system's information assurance. Vulnerabilities are the intersection of three elements: a system susceptibility or flaw, attacker access to the flaw, and attacker capability to exploit the flaw.To exploit a vulnerability, an attacker must have at least one applicable tool or technique that can connect to a system weakness.
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Why Clients choose Techforce for Security Services

Techforce Infotech concentrate on three main security aspects . They are Network security, Internet security and End-point security.
Regular PenTest is performed on all the servers to keep it secure from vulnerablities and all servers are having SSL certificates for concern domains and all servers are being remotely accessed through VPN's connection only to maintain network privacy.